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ASRock FM2A68M-HD+

Asrock FM2A68M-DG3+. Ondersteunde geheugen types: DDR3-SDRAM, Geheugen slots type: DIMM, Supported memory clock speeds: 1066,1333,1600 MHz. Processorfamilie: AMD, Processor socket: Socket FM2+. Ondersteunde opslagstationinterfaces: SATA III. LAN controller: Realtek RTL8111GR, Ethernet interface type: Gigabit Ethernet. Component voor: PC, Moederbord chipset familie: AMD, Chipset moederbord: AMD A68

FM2/FM2+ APU Support
This motherboard is compatible with both AMD FM2 and FM2+ APUs. Please note that some new features may be only supported by FM2+ APUs.

Next-Gen PCIe 3.0
This motherboard supports the next-gen PCIe 3.0! Compared to PCIe 2.0, PCIe 3.0 offers up to 2X data transferring bandwidth for VGA cards, thus providing ultimate graphics performance. (Available only with AMD FM2+ CPUs)

All Solid Capacitor Design
ASRock is determined to use high quality materials to build the best motherboards, that's why all the capacitors on this motherboard are built with 100% solid capacitors. These solid capacitors bring long lasting durability and ultra stable performance.

ASRock APP Shop
ASRock APP Shop is designed for your convenience. We provide various apps and support software for users to download. You can easily optimize your system and keep your motherboard up to date with ASRock APP Shop.

Some sensitive digital components on the motherboard are vulnerable to power surges, the excessive current may cause your system to malfunction immediately. ASRock Full Spike Protection includes various technologies to prevent your motherboard’s components from being damaged by these unexpected voltage spikes.

Surge Protection
Protects the motherboard from excessive surges from the power supply unit.
Lightning Protection
The onboard LAN chip is protected against sudden and violent voltage spikes caused by lightning.
ESD Protection
- USB : Added ICs to protect the onboard USB ports from electrostatic discharges.
- LAN : Prevents the onboard LAN from being damaged by electrostatic discharges.
- MOSFETs : MOSFETs in critical areas use a special design for protecting them from electrostatic discharge during the installation process.

Gigabit LAN
This ASRock motherboard uses a Realtek gigabit LAN chip to support extremely fast internet connections.

Brilliantly designed for smart overclocking, ASRock X-Boost Technology is able to unleash the hidden power of your CPUs. Simply press “X” when turning on the PC, X-Boost will automatically overclock the relative components to get up to 15.77% performance boost! With the smart X-Boost, overclocking CPU can become a near one-button process.

A-Tuning is ASRock's multi purpose software suite with a new interface, more new features and improved utilities, including XFast RAM and a whole lot more.

In a world where time is money, why waste precious time everyday typing usernames to log in to Windows? Why should we even bother memorizing those foot long passwords? Nobody has time for that! Just plug in the USB Key and let your computer log in to windows automatically!

Restart to UEFI
Fast Boot is so fast that it is impossible for users to enter the UEFI setup utility during POST. Therefore, ASRock Restart to UEFI technology allows users to easily enter the UEFI setup utility automatically when turning on the PC next time. It is designed for those who constantly need to enter the UEFI setup utility.

ASRock OMG (Online Management Guard)
Limit and control your children's time spent on the internet. ASRock OMG (Online Management Guard) technology allows you to establish an internet curfew or restrict internet access at specified times. Administrators are able to schedule the starting and ending hours of internet access granted to other users.

UEFI Tech Service
Contact ASRock Tech Service by sending a support request from the UEFI setup utility if you are having trouble with your personal computer. Users may try to choose the category of the issue they have encountered, describe the problem in detail, and then attach an optional picture or log file for our technical support team.

Dampness kills most electronics, so it's a better idea to keep your personal computer dry. Now users may prevent motherboard damages due to dampness by enabling Dehumidifier. When it is enabled, the computer will power on automatically to dehumidify the system after entering S4/S5 state.

Easy Driver Installer
For users that don’t have an optical disk drive to install the drivers from our support CD, Easy Driver Installer is a handy tool in the UEFI that installs the LAN driver to your system via an USB storage device, then downloads and installs the other required drivers automatically through the internet. Completely no CD or optical disk drive required!

ASRock XFast RAM fully utilizes the memory space that cannot be used under Windows® 32-bit operating systems. It shortens the loading time of previously visited websites, making web surfing faster than ever. And it also boosts the speed of Adobe Photoshop 5 times faster. Another advantage of ASRock XFast RAM is that it reduces the frequency of accessing your SSDs or HDDs in order to extend their lifespan.

When Internet Explorer loads very slowly for no clear reason, it's usually due to inefficient management. ASRock is rolling out super efficient web management in the motherboard industry. XFast LAN is a convenient tool that controls internet related applications easily and efficiently. Creating a perfect Internet environment, all you need is a smart manager. ASRock XFast LAN allows you to enjoy more speed, easier multitasking, enhanced multimedia experience, and more – all without weighing you down. Asrock FM2A68M-DG3+ AMD A68 Socket FM2+ Micro ATX moederbord

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Asrock FM2A68M-DG3+ AMD A68 Socket FM2+ Micro ATX moederbord  -  Bij je thuis voor 55,29
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Product omschrijving Naast de twee USB 3.0 poorten aan de achterkant, is er ook een extra USB 3.0 header op het moederbord voor nog twee USB 3.0 poorten aan de voorkant. Alle condensatoren op dit bord zijn 100% volledig solide condensatoren. Met deze solide condensatoren kunnen ASRock moederborden stabieler presteren met de zekerheid van een langere levensduur. ASRock X-Boost Technologie kan de verborgen kracht van je processor ontketenen. Druk simpelweg op "X" wanneer je de PC aanzet, X-Boost zal hierop automatisch de beoogde componenten overklokken om een prestatiewinst tot 15,77% te bemachtigen. Met het slimme X-Boost kan het overklokken van de processor bijna een één-knops actie worden gemaakt. ASRock's "Herstart naar UEFI" technologie is ontworpen voor mensen die regelmatig het UEFI in moeten. Het laat gebruikers automatisch de UEFI Setup inkomen bij het opnieuw opstarten van de PC. ASRock OMG (Online Management Guard) technologie maakt het u mogelijk een internet avondklok in te stellen, of internet toegang te limiteren, op aangegeven tijdstippen. Beheerders kunnen de begin- en eindtijden van internet toegang, toegekend aan andere gebruikers, inplannen.
Algemene productdetails
Max aantal processors 1
EAN 4717677325225
Merk ASRock
Productlijn ASRock
Algemene kenmerken
Chipsettype AMD A68H
Compatibele processoren Athlon II X2 | Athlon II X4 | Athlon X2 | A8 serie | A6 serie | A4 serie | A 10 serie ( Maximum TDP 100 Watt (FM2 CPUs) / Maximum TDP 95 Watt (FM2+ CPUs) )
Processor Socket Socket FM2+
Producttype Moederbord - micro ATX
Audio Codec Realtek ALC662
Conformiteitsnormen geluid High Definition Audio
Type HD Audio (6-kanaals)
BIOS-functies JumperFree | ondersteuning voor SMBIOS 2.3.1 | ondersteuning voor ACPI 1.1 | UEFI BIOS
Handmatige instellingen Processorkernvoltage | geheugenvoltage | voltage chipset
Hardwarecontrole Kerntemperatuur CVE | temperatuur chassis | Tachometer CVE-ventilator | tachometer ventilator chassis | systeemvoltage | Voltage CVE-kern | tachometer voedingsventilator
Hardwarefuncties ASRock Instant Boot | ASRock Instant Flash | All-Solid Capacitor moederborddesign | ASRock APP Charger | AMD Radeon Dual Graphics | ASRock XFast LAN | ASRock XFast RAM | ASRock Crashless BIOS | ASRock OMG (Online Management Guard) | ASRock Internet Flash | ASRock Dehumidifier Function | Easy RAID Installer | ASRock Interactive UEFI | ASRock X-Boost | ASRock Restart to UEFI | ASRock UEFI System Browser | Energy Efficient Ethernet 802.3az | Preboot eXecution Environment (PXE) | ASRock UEFI Tech Service | ASRock Easy Driver Installer | ASRock USB Key | Triple Monitor | LAN Cable Detection | ASRock A-Tuning | ASRock Full Spike Protection | ASRock Cloud | ASRock APP Shop | High Density Glass Fabric PCB
Slapen/ontwaken Activering op LAN (wake on LAN = WOL)
Maximaal ondersteund geheugen 32 GB
Ondersteunde RAM (geregistreerd of gebufferd) Niet-gebufferd
Ondersteunde RAM-integriteitscontrole Niet-ECC
Ondersteunde RAM-technologie DDR3
RAM-functies Dubbelkanaals geheugenarchitectuur | Intel Extreme Memory Profiles (XMP) | AMD Memory Profile (AMP)
Kloksnelheid 1600 MHz | 1333 MHz | 1066 MHz | 2400 MHz (O.C.) | 2133 MHz (O.C.) | 1866 MHz (O.C.)
Maximaal toegewezen RAM-grootte 2 GB
Technologie van geheugentoewijzing Gedeeld videogeheugen (UMA)
Netwerk Controller Realtek RTL8111GR
Netwerk interfaces Gigabit Ethernet
Uitbreiding / Aansluiting
Interfaces uitbreidingen / aansluitingen 1 x PS/2 toetsenbord / muis ? 1 x VGA ? 1 x DVI-D ? 4 x USB 2.0 ? 2 x USB 3.0 ? 1 x LAN (Gigabit Ethernet) ? 1 x audiolijningang - mini-jack ? 1 x microfoon - mini-jack ? 1 x audiolijnuitgang - mini-jack ? 1 x HDMI
Storage Interfaces SATA-600 - connector(en): 4 x 7-pins seri?le ATA - 4 Appara(a)t(en) - RAID 0 / RAID 1 / RAID 10
Uitbreidingsslot(s) 1 x CPU ? 2 x DIMM 240-pins ? 1 x PCIe 3.0 x16 ( x16-modus ) ? 1 x PCIe 2.0 x1 ? 1 x PCI
Conformiteitsnormen Plug and Play | WHQL | FCC | EuP Ready | ErP Ready
Kabels meegeleverd 2 x Seri?le ATA-kabel
Meegeleverde accessoires I/O-achterplaat
Software meegeleverd Stuurprogramma's & hulpprogramma's | Antivirus (proefversie) | Start8 (30 dagen op proef) | Google Chrome Browser | Google ChromeToolbar | Orbweb.ME Professional
Afmetingen & gewicht
Breedte 21,8 cm
Diepte 18,8 cm
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