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MSI Moederbord Z170I Gaming Pro AC LGA1151 DDR4 SATA3 SA-EX Computer & IT Componenten Moederborden

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GAME IN STYLEEach game demands different skills, each gamer selects, customizes and levels their own gaming character. Why stop there? MSI Performance GAMING motherboards allow you to fully customize & personalize your gaming PC to any color you want while delivering top performance for a great gaming experience.Unmatched memory performance and stabilityWith traditional memory design the memory signals are often distorted by electromagnetic signals from other components, making the system perform slower or become unstable. MSI introduces DDR4 Boost technology with optimized traces and fully isolated memory circuitry. This design ensures the memory signals stay pure for optimal performance and stability.Next-gen superfast storageEnjoy a blazing fast system with Turbo M.2 with speeds up to 32 Gb/s. The Turbo M.2 connector on the back of the motherboard supports 2 sizes of M.2 SSDs.GAMING DNAGAMING on the inside, GAMING on the outside. Attention to detail, from red and black look & feel to PCB printing, make the next generation MSI GAMING motherboards stand out once again.GAMING HEATSINKThe GAMING Heatsink is designed for the best performance and awesome looks, confirming you are dealing with a geniune MSI® GAMING motherboard.Next-gen superfast storageEnjoy a blazing fast system with Turbo M.2 with speeds up to 32 Gb/s. The Turbo M.2 connector on the back of the motherboard supports 2 sizes of M.2 SSDs.GAMING DNAGAMING on the inside, GAMING on the outside. Attention to detail, from red and black look & feel to PCB printing, make the next generation MSI GAMING motherboards stand out once again.Dominate the game with lowest latencyGet ready to crush your enemies on the battlefield with MSI® GAMING LAN, featuring carefully selected components to ensure the best online gaming experience without lag.INTEL® WI-FI AC & BLUETOOTHThe MSI® GAMING motherboards come with an easily unpluggable Intel® Wi-Fi / Bluetooth antennas. The support of 802.11 AC and Bluetooth 4.2 ensures that you have the fastest available transfer speed.Share your Screen with Intel® Wireless DisPlay (Intel® WiDi) Intel® WiDi for Home or Pro WiDi for Business allows you wirelessly send movies, photos, presentations, and more from MSI’s GAMING motherboard to an HDTV.DEDICATED GAMING LAN WITH INTEL®Experience a more fluid game with Intel® i219 LAN. Intel® i219 LAN is designed to deliver high performance when gaming, delivering more throughput than other solutions.Intel® i219 LAN is optimized for championship level online and LAN eSports by reducing CPU overhead and offering exceptionally high TCP and UDP throughput. This way, your CPU can be used more effectively and you can enjoy more FPS when gaming.Gaming optimized bandwith managementDedicated to giving you the best online gaming experience with optimized traffic prioritization and low latency, MSI GAMING LAN Manager automatically classifies and prioritizes the latency-sensitive applications for online games.MSI GAMING LAN Manager- Automatically prioritizes games above other applications- Allows you to change applications' traffic priority- Allows you to customize you to customize bandwidth for each applicationLAN ProtectFeaturing 15KV anti-surge protection to shield your network from lightning strikes and static electricity, LAN Protect is a LAN connector designed to give you the best networking experience. It's highlighted with a red LED inside the RJ45 connector to show its functionality.Studio grade sound with AUDIO BOOST 3With Audio Boost 3 we're delivering the highest sound quality through the use of premium quality audio components. That way, you can enjoy breathtaking, crystal clear sound and music through 8-channel HD Audio or high impendence headphones and truly dominate the game.EMI-Shielded HD Audio ProcessorAudio Boost 3 is fueled by a EMI-shielded high quality HD audio processor, making sure you enjoy the purest sound quality.Isolated Audio PCBAudio Boost 3 acts like a dedicated soundcard by physically isolating the audio circuitry to give you a more clear audio signal.Chemi-Con Audio CapacitorsDelivering high fidelity crystal clear sound with exceptional acoustics and realism.Separated Audio LayersEqual and perfect sound quality for left & right channel audio through the use of seperated layers in the PCB.Headphone AmplifierThe built-in headphone amplifier rewards your high quality headphone with studio level sound quality up to 600O delivered from your gaming PC.Anti-popcorn NoiseAudio Boost protects your ears against annoying loud popping sounds when you plug devices in or out or turn your PC on/off.Front Dedicated Headphone OutConvenient use of the front panel audio output while retaining high quality amplified sound.7.1 Channel Audio with S/PDIFWith high quality audio connectors you get the best possible signal output with less chance of distortion.USB Audio Power PROThe new and improved MSI USB Audio Power Pro continuously delivers a stable 5V to the USB ports, making sure you can continue to enjoy the crystal clear high quality audio standard you expect when using a premium DAC or Professional USB headset.Benefits- Enhances USB audio quality- Lowest peak-to-peak voltage difference for perfect 5V- Golden USB connector for the best signal transmissionTUNE YOUR PC’S RESPONSIVENESSMSI® DPC Latency Tuner is a convenient tool that helps you to optimize your PC settings to get a smooth audio/video playback experience and a fast responding system.BEFORESignificant lag in responsivenessAFTERLow response times,Superfast systemGAME BOOSTOverclock your system instantly and generate more FPS in games with 1 push of a button using Game Boost! You can also easily enable XMP using the XMP button in Click BIOS.GAMING HOTKEYGaming Hotkey enables more functionality using your own keyboard. Simply assign functions or macros to any key and launch your favorite games, load overclocking profiles or do real-time overclocking with the push of a single button. The possibilities are endless!- Customize any key on your keyboard- Up to 8 steps macro programming- User friendly, easy to use application- 1 key load up of your favorite gameTOTAL FREEDOM, MAXIMUM EASEEasily program your most used commands to be executed with a single keystroke. You are free to choose any key you want.HotkeysAssign your own keyboard combinationsWindows keysQuick launch any application or folderMSI® Smart keysQuick launch of mail, browser or moreLogin KeysOne press to login (program passwords)2X FRONT USB 3.1 GEN1With a clever placed USB 3.1 Gen1 front pin header, available on MSI motherboards, you can connect up to 2 USB 3.1 Gen1 devices directly to the front of your PC Chassis. This way you can easily enjoy fast USB speeds without having to use the hard-to-reach USB ports on the rear.DOUBLE ESD PROTECTIONThe front USB 3.1 Gen1 ports on MSI motherboards are protected by a set of protective ICs to prevent damage caused by Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) from plugging/unplugging USB devices.FAST STORAGEWITH SATA EXPRESSSATA Express offers a solution in high speed storage through PCI-Express, providing more bandwidth for the latest generation SSDs up to 16 Gb/s.PUSH YOUR SSD HARDER WITH M.2Delivering speeds up to 32Gb/s using Gen3 x4, Turbo M.2 is over 5 times faster than a regular SATA III connection! Enjoy a blazing fast system boot up and insanely fast loading of applications and games with MSI motherboards.ENHANCED CPU OVERVOLTAGE PROTECTIONOnboard overvoltage protection prevents overvoltage and short-circuit damage of the CPU and other components. A red LED near the 24 pin CPU power connector let you know that overvoltage protection is activated for easier troubleshooting.EASY DIAGNOSTICMSI EZ Debug LED is an easy troubleshooting tool using 3 LEDs to indicate CPU / Memory / VGA operation every time you boot up your system. Run into trouble? Use the LEDs to easily identify the source of your problem and get back into operation quickly.SteelSeries CertifiedGet ready to enjoy the best gaming experience with MSI & SteelSeries!Enthusiast gaming gear brand SteelSeries has officially approved MSI GAMING motherboards as ‘SteelSeries Certified (SSC)’. This certification is based on the performance demands and stability of MSI GAMING motherboards and SteelSeries products. Your SteelSeries headset, mouse and other top quality gaming gear works best on MSI GAMING motherboards.GAMING CERTIFIEDOur GAMING motherboards are tested in our gaming lab, internet cafes and together with the world’s best eSports players to make sure you get top performance and reliability in the world’s most popular games. Through 24-hour on- and offline game testing, MSI ensures the onboard network configuration, audio reception and FPS performance are tested and tuned to perfection for you to enjoy the best possible gameplay experience.Only the motherboards that pass this test receive the GAMING CERTIFIED status and are considered true MSI® GAMING motherboards.MILITARY CLASS 4 COMPONENTSDARK CHOKEDark Choke uses the special core design and allows the Dark Choke to run at a lower temperature with higher capacity and better power efficiency and stability.SOLID CAPWith their aluminum core design and Japanese made quality, Solid CAPs are made for high-end design motherboard. Not only do Solid CAPs could provide lower Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR), but also work firmly for over-10-year.HUMIDITY PROTECTIONReduction in moisture absorption helps prevent "Conductive Anodic Filament". Untreated PCB's can have 10x higher failure rate.HIGH TEMPERATURE PROTECTIONAll key components used in MSI motherboards have all passed military testing ensuring stable operation in the harshest environments.CIRCUIT PROTECTIONCarefully selected materials, multiple PCB layers and shielding result in the best circuit protection for our GAMING motherboards.ESD PROTECTIONEach and every I/O port is protected against the hazards of Electro Static Discharge.EMI PROTECTIONAll MSI motherboards comply with strict American FCC regulations and reduce the impact of Electromagnetic Interference.VGA ARMOR: REINFORCED PCI EXPRESS SLOTSWith the increased size and weight of modern high end graphics cards, traditional PCI Express slots often show signs of bending or even breaking. Meet VGA Armor, strengthened PCI Express slots using more solder points to make sure you never have to worry about breaking off any of the slots.PREVENT DAMAGENO STRENGHTENINGOTHER BRANDSNO STRENGHTENINGMSI® VGA ARMORREINFORCED, HEAVY SOLDERED CONNECTIONSTHE ALL NEW, AWARD-WINNING CLICK BIOS 5Explore the greatly improved, award-winning CLICK BIOS 5 and use it to tune your system to maximum performance to get the most out of your games. MSI CLICK BIOS 5 is the next generation UEFI BIOS with optimizations for Windows 10.Control your system in two modes: EZ mode, for the most used settings and functions. Advanced mode for more detailed settings and fine-tuning options to boost your system’s performance.- Variety of options to boost your game performance- Next gen UEFI BIOS with award winning design- High-resolution multi language scalable font- Easy to use- Advanced overclockingGAMING DEVICE PORTMSI Gaming Device Port is optimized to deliver the best connectivity for high end gaming mice to fully utilize its speed. You can customize your mouse’ DPI to change accuracy and program macro combinations using the easy to use Mouse Master software to perform multiple commands with just one click.Gaming benefits- More responsive, faster reactions- Customizable mouse settings- Customizable mouse accuracy (DPI)- Program macros for multiple actions in 1 click- Smoother gameplayTechnical benefits- 3x more gold than regular connectors- 10x longer lifetime when plugging/un-plugging- Prevents oxidationOBS STREAMING SOFTWAREShare your gaming achievements with the world! Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is world’s most popular open source software for video recording and live streaming. Show your friends your gaming progress live.Plenty of pluginsAllowing developers to create their own unique plugins and complete control of their streaming experience.Optimized video qualityOBS records videos using small file size,but with perfect image and sound quality, without lag.Easy to shareLive streaming to your favorite video sharing websites such as Twitch, YouTube, DailyMotion, Hitbox and many more.Webcam supportedOBS supports almost any webcam. DirectShow capture device support (webcams, capture cards, etc).Multiple profilesAdd different profiles, each of them with its own settings. Easy to use OBS for anyone, in any situation.OVERCLOCKING MADE EASYOutperform your competition with the MSI® GAMING APP which allows simultaneous control of both your Motherboard and Graphics Card's overclocking.Simply select your preferred mode with the click of a button:ON-SCREEN SPEED & TEMPERATURESReal-time monitor GPU Core, DRAM Frequency, GPU & CPU Temperatures and much more, in game or in other fullscreen applications, customizable to your preference.CPU-Z MSI GAMING EDITIONMSI has worked closely with CPUID to develop this special edition of CPU-Z featuring the famous MSI GAMING dragon. Use CPU-Z to gather key information on the main devices of your system, such as your CPU speed, Memory speed and timings, motherboard BIOS version and much more.SSD not fast enough? Try MSI RAMDisk!Get an unlimited RAMDisk for free (worth $35) with MSI GAMING motherboards. RAMDisk allows you to create a virtual drive from your system memory, enabling speeds up to 25x faster than a modern SSD. You can load complete games, speed up your browser or your page file significantly increasing system performance! You even increase your SSD's lifespan by using RAMDisk as it reduces unnecessary read and write operations to your SSD.- Speed up system performance- Speed up games, apps and browser- Increase SSD lifespanWATER COOLING COMPATIBLEThis motherboard is compatible with industry leading water cooling solutions.
Algemene productdetails
Merk MSI
Type Moederbord - mini ITX
Chipsettype Intel Z170
Socket LGA1151 Socket
RAM-integriteit Non-ECC
Algemene kenmerken
Chipsettype Intel Z170
Compatibele processoren Pentium | Celeron | Core i5 | Core i3 | Core i7
Processor Socket LGA1151 Socket
Producttype Moederbord - mini ITX
Stroomconnectoren 24-pins hoofdstroomconnector | 8-pins ATX12V connector
Maximaal ondersteund geheugen 32 GB
Ondersteunde RAM (geregistreerd of gebufferd) Niet-gebufferd
Ondersteunde RAM-integriteitscontrole Niet-ECC
Ondersteunde RAM-technologie DDR4
RAM-functies Dubbelkanaals geheugenarchitectuur | Intel Extreme Memory Profiles (XMP)
Audio Codec Realtek ALC1150
Conformiteitsnormen geluid High Definition Audio
Type HD Audio (8-kanaals)
BIOS-functies MSI ClickBIOS 5
Hardwarefuncties MSI Military Class IV | overbelastingsbescherming | MSI Gaming Device Port | MSI Guard-Pro | Debug LED | MSI Audio Boost 3 | LAN Protect | dubbele bescherming tegen statische elektriciteit | SteelSeries Certified (SSC) | MSI VGA Armor | bescherming tegen overspanning | MSI USB Audio Power Pro
Afmetingen & gewicht
Breedte 17 cm
Diepte 17 cm
EAN 4719072419516
Merk MSI
Productlijn MSI
Uitbreiding / Aansluiting
Interfaces uitbreidingen / aansluitingen 1 x LAN (Gigabit Ethernet)<br>1 x DisplayPort<br>4 x USB 3.1 Gen 1<br>1 x HDMI<br>1 x audiolijnuitgang - mini-jack<br>1 x audiolijningang - mini-jack<br>1 x microfoon - mini-jack<br>1 x audiolijnuitgang (achter) - mini-jack<br>1 x audiolijnuitgang (midden/subwoofer) - mini-jack<br>1 x PS/2 toetsenbord / muis<br>3 x USB 2.0<br>1 x TOSLINK
RAID-functies Intel Smart Response Technology
Storage Interfaces SATA-600 / PCIe 3.0 -aansluitingen: 4 x 7pin SATA | 1 x M.2 | 1 x SATA Express port - RAID 0 / RAID 1 / RAID 10 / RAID 5
Uitbreidingsslot(s) 1 x CPU<br>2 x DIMM 288-pins<br>1 x PCIe 3.0 x16
Kloksnelheid 2400 MHz | 2133 MHz | 2800 MHz (O.C.) | 2600 MHz (O.C.) | 3000 MHz (O.C.) | 3200 MHz (O.C.)
Algemene productdetails
Max aantal processors 1
Meegeleverde accessoires 2 antennes | kabeletiketten | I/O cover achterzijde
Software meegeleverd RAMdisk | MSI Gaming App | MSI Gaming Hotkey | MSI Gaming LAN Manager | MSI DPC Latency Tuner
Netwerk interfaces Bluetooth | Gigabit Ethernet | 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
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