The European TV series research | infographic

The European TV series research
Which country produces the most trending and best-rated TV series?

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European TV viewer prefers to watch Finnish TV series

The Dutch watch an average of more than 3 hours a day at films, series and other moving images. Not only in Dutch or English, but increasingly in other languages ​​as well. Casa de Papel, Ragnarok and Bron (The Bridge) are some popular examples. But in which country do they make the best programs? conducted research into non-English language television series in Europe.

Chances are you’ve already seen Sorjonen (Bordertown) on Netflix. And that is not surprising, because Finnish TV series are the best rated by European television viewers. An analysis of viewer ratings of nearly 2,000 non-English language TV series by showed that the average of a Finnish series is 7.11, where 10 is the highest score. Finland is thus the best rated, but France (7.07) and the Netherlands (7.03) are close to the Finns. German series, on the other hand, are doing a lot worse. The Dutch Eastern neighbors close the top 10 with a score of 6.31.

After years of decline in average viewer ratings, they have been rising again since the turn of the century. Coincidentally or not, but this is roughly the same as the rise of streaming services such as Netflix. Dutch scores From Dutch soil, especially Jiskefet (8.5), Oud Geld (8.5) and Along the banks of the Yangtze (8.4) score well. Big Brother (2.9), X-Factor (3.4), Onderweg naar Morgen (3.5) and Goede tijden, slechte tijden (3.5) will scratch their heads.

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